"Great Italian food in an informal atmosphere"


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Bellini is an authentic Italian restaurant founded on the belief that flavour comes from the origin of ingredients.

We import the finest ‘materia prima’ produced in Italy that cannot be reproduced in any other part of the world while work with local producers to obtain the best ingredients that create our delectable dishes.

Meet the Head Chef

Olivier Trapletti has more than 20 years of experience as a chef. His devotion to the culinary arts started when cooking with his nana as a child in Italy, where, traditionally, all members of the family were involved in the kitchen. Intrigued and fascinated by the countless possibilities that the combination of different ingredients provided, he decided to make a career out of it.

Even though his speciality is Italian cuisine, he has developed his culinary skills all over the world. These international influences, when combined with traditional Italian cuisine, result in exceptional flavourful dishes. His food is a reflection of his background and personality, a place where tradition and modernity blend.

The secret: creativity and passion.

“When I hit the three notes: the look, the smell and the ‘gusto’ (taste); it´s mission accomplished”.


175ml 250ml Bottle
Costa vino bianco £4.60 £6.35 £17.95
Pinot Grigio £5.10 £6.80 £19.45
Sauvignon Blanc £5.10 £6.80 £19.45
Gavi di Gavi £24.95
Pinot Grigio £24.95
175ml 250ml Bottle
Costa vino rosso £4.25 £5.90 £16.45
Salentonprimitivo £5.10 £6.80 £19.45
Merlot £5.10 £6.80 £19.45
Chianti £24.95
Montepulciano £27.95
Barolo £39.95
Tombacco £39.95
175ml 250ml Bottle
Kissing Tree - Zinfandel £4.60 £6.35 £17.95
Pinot Grigio Blush £5.10 £6.80 £19.45
Peroni half 275ml £3.40
Peroni pint 568ml £5.60
Peroni 330ml £3.95
Peroni (non alcoholic) 330ml £3.95
Estrella 330ml £3.95
Corona 330ml £3.95
Coors Light half 275ml £3.10
Coors Light pint 568ml £5.20
Guiness half 275ml £2.80
John Smith's pint 568ml £4.90
Thatchers 275ml £2.80
Thatchers 568ml £4.90
Rekorderlig 568ml £4.95
Prosecco (white or rose) bottle 200ml £8.45
bottle 700ml £24.95
Moet & Chandon £89.95
Bellini £7.95
Berry Breeze £7.95
Whiskey Sour £7.95
Aperol Spritz £7.95
French Martini £7.95
Dark Chocolate Espresso Martini £7.95
Strawberry Daiquiri £7.95
Maverick Martini £7.95
Tropico £7.95
Sgroppino al Limone £7.95
Cordial & water £1.00
Soda water 275ml £1.00
568ml £2.00
Appletiser bottle 275ml £2.95
J20 bottle 275ml £2.95
Tonic 200ml £2.00
Mineral water 500ml £2.10
1000ml £4.20
Coca Cola/Diet coke 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
bottle 330ml £3.10
Lemonade 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
Orange juice 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
Apple juice 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
Cranberry juice 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
Pineapple juice 275ml £2.20
568ml £3.50
Fresh Ground Coffee £2.60
Espresso £2.10
Cappuccino £3.10
Double Espresso £2.80
Latte £3.10
Tea £1.90
Special Tea £1.90
Hot Chocolate £3.10
Liqueur Coffee £5.95

Happy Hour

Monday-Thursday 12 – 6.45pm
Friday & Saturday 12 – 5.45pm
Sunday 4 – Close
(Chef’s Specials not included)

2 Courses

Any starter

(excluding gamberoni and pil pil)
and any pizza, pasta or risotto


Any starter

(excluding gamberoni and pil pil)
and any chicken dish



Sunday Lunch menu

1 Course 14.95 – 2 Course 18.95 – 3 Course 22.95


– Potato skins with garlic mayonnaise
– Soup of the day with toasted ciabatta
– Garlic mushrooms


A choice of pork, chicken or beef served with gravy, Yorkshire pudding, mash and baby potato and a vegetable medley.


– Tiramisu
– Fudge cake
– Mixed ice cream


Chef's Specials

Every Thursday our chef presents new exclusive dishes for your delight.

Call or contact us for more information.

* Available for one week or when supplies last


Kid's menu

Half portions of pizza or pasta available for children. £6.45

Lounge Bar


Free Parking

Disability Access


Contact us

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